Karen Edgeton

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Laguna Realty

San Jose del Cabo BCS

Before moving to San Jose del Cabo Karen spent her adult life in Minneapolis, Minnesota as the owner of an offset printing company and as a graphic designer, web designer and photographer.

She spent many vacations in the Fort Myers/Sanibel Island area in Florida at her family’s winter home and always assumed that she would end up in that same area. However, home prices near (or on) the ocean were prohibitive, high humidity much of the year made the weather less than ideal and traffic made a 1 mile trip to the beach take 45 minutes to an hour. So Karen traveled throughout the Caribbean and Mexico for several years searching for the perfect place to escape the frigid winters in Minnesota. When finally arriving in Los Cabos she knew immediately she had found that perfect place. She purchased a home in San Jose del Cabo and began spending her vacations here. In 2004 she sold her printing business and began spending most of her time in Cabo.

Many of her friends were involved in the Real Estate business and for several years she assisted them with Open Houses, Real Estate Photography and listings on the MLS.  With the opening of the new general real estate office in San Jose del Cabo Karen joined Laguna Realty in the fall of 2016. She has assisted clients in purchasing beachfront condos, lots, duplexes and buildings in the Historic District.  

If you are also looking for that perfect place in paradise give Karen a call.